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Gus: A Retirement Adventure on Wheels

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Vanlife Conversions Team
June 24, 2024
A photo of van conversion Gus with the side door open

Meet Gus, the off-grid van conversion that's become the ultimate travel companion for a recently retired couple - the parents of our founder Oli! After a lifetime of hard work, Steve and Katerina are ready to embrace the freedom of the open road, starting with three months exploring the UK this year and setting their sights on longer European adventures next year. Originally, they planned to travel with their beloved boxer dog, but after his passing earlier this year, they named their Peugeot Boxer van "Gus" in his honour. Now, Gus is set to be their home on wheels, a place to make new memories, and occasionally take their grandkids on weekend getaways.

A Peugeot Boxer L3H2 off-grid van conversion

This van also provided us with the opportunity to try out some new methods, appliances and our biggest and most advanced electrical system yet, running off a 48v battery.

Gasless freedom

Gus is not your average van conversion. He boasts the biggest and most advanced electrical setup we've ever installed, making him perfectly suited for off-grid living. Let's dive into the electrical specs:

48V Lithium Battery: This powerhouse of a battery ensures that the couple can stay off-grid for extended periods without worrying about running out of power.

620W Solar Panel: Harnessing the sun’s energy, these panels keep the battery charged and the appliances running smoothly

1500W Scotty AI DC-DC Converter: this alternator charger is bidirectional, keeping the starter battery healthy while charging the leisure battery at an unprecedented rate

MultiRS Inverter charger 6000VA: Provides high output of power enabling users to cook using an air fryer and induction hob at the same time

This huge set-up allows the van to run off-grid without any gas, eliminating the need to detour to gas fill-up points and making one less resource to worry about.  The Truma heating system runs on diesel from the van's main fuel tank. One of Gus’s other standout features is his unique water filtration system. Using reverse osmosis, this final stage system removes contaminants and remineralises the water providing premium drinking water

For adventurous days, Gus is equipped with a custom roof rack, a bike rack and upgraded All-Terrain tyres. When lounging with a view, there is an awning, upholstered cab seats on a swivel and passenger seat table. And when they want to take their grandkids along for the ride, there's a hidden third-belted seat, located in the rear box seat with isofix.

A folding belted seat in a van conversion

Aesthetic: Vintage Charm Meets Modern Comfort

Gus’s interior is a testament to the couple’s exquisite taste and desire for a homely yet stylish living space. The aesthetic combines vintage charm with modern comforts:

Brass Fixings: These add a touch of elegance and a vintage feel, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Deep Blue Accents: The rich, deep blue tones provide a sense of calm and sophistication, perfectly complementing the natural wood elements.

Real Oak Trims and Slatted Ceiling: These features add to the homely, rustic vibe, making Gus a cosy retreat.

Ready for the Road

Gus is more than just a van; he's a symbol of new beginnings and the endless possibilities that come with retirement. With his advanced electrical setup, pure water system, and beautiful interior, Gus is ready to take the couple on countless adventures, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

As they prepare to hit the road, we can’t wait to hear about their travels and the places Gus will take them. From the rolling hills of the UK to the picturesque landscapes of Europe, Gus is set to become a beloved member of their family, carrying forward the spirit of their boxer dog on every journey.

We wish them all the best on their travels!

Get in touch to see what set-up would work best for you.

More photos of Gus:

A vintage inspired van conversion
A beautiful van conversion with marble shower room
Luxury van conversion with champagne
An awning and bike rack on a van conversion
A beautiful gasless kitchen in a van
The electrical cupboard in an off-grid van conversion
Third bed space in the Kunu layout
Customisable van conversion with oak slats on the ceiling
View of van conversion through the back doors
View of van conversion through the sliding door
A van conversion with a fixed bed layout
Overhead cabinets in a van conversion
Dark blue cabinets and wood worktop with brass handles in a van
The roof of a van conversion with solar panels
Vanlife Conversions Team
June 24, 2024

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