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Jimmy Doherty's Dream Build on Wheels

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

A few months ago we were delighted to be contacted by the production company of the new series 'Jimmy Doherty's Dream Build on Wheels' coming to the Discovery channel and Quest.

The team wanted to feature one of our vans and show the conversion process from concept to completion along with showing similar projects throughout the series by other van converters, both professional and DIY. The series also dives into the personal stories behind each van owner and their reasons for embarking on this new journey and way of life, the vanlife.

In our episode, (Series 1 Episode 8) the show follows a husband and wife team who value the outdoors and their fitness. Their van named Grizzly, marks a new start and time to focus on wellness and healing.

Grizzly is a black Citroen Relay and throughout the episode you can watch it be converted by us into our signature Kunu model layout. The clients customised many aspects in the van, creating a luxurious space that really did feel like home - the paint colour matched the colour in their lounge at home!

They selected 'Sulking Pink', a Farrow and Ball paint shade for the cupboard fronts and the walls were the shade 'Strong White'. This created a warm and cosy feel and along with gold fixtures and fittings a luxurious look. They chose specific tiles for the kitchen splashback and shower room.

They also wanted to be able to take their fitness with them on the road so we made a custom pull out pull-up bar that also doubled as hook for a hammock chair.

We added some other personal touches like engraving the van name 'Grizzly' into a chopping board and tie points for their dog.

This van build was very special for us as we understood how much it meant to the owners. We were so grateful that we were able to share it with Jimmy and the wider nation on TV.

We hope you like it!

You can watch the episode on Quest on Tuesday 16 November at 9pm and Saturday 20 November at 8pm. (You can also watch it on catch up on Discovery Plus).


This van Grizzly is also available for hire. To book a trip and try out the vanlife, you can find more information at


If you like the look of this van conversion, you can find more information about our van conversions here.

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