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This handy tool helps you to estimate the weight of your van conversion.


Weight is something everyone worries about when converting a van, and quite rightly so. It is important to keep this in mind so that once completed your van is below the legal road limit for that vehicle, and there is enough left over for baggage and people!


This tool helps to keep weight in mind throughout your build, especially when choosing materials, as weight can easily add up.


We recommend using this tool at the beginning of your build to make a rough prediction and is then keep it updated throughout the build process. This allows you to refine the accuracy and highlights where more lightweight materials are needed.


This is an estimate only and does not replace a weigh bridge. Driving to a weigh bridge is the only way of checking you are not over the legal limit. Check the weight limit of your own vehicle.

Weight Estimate Tool - for van conversions

VAT Included
  • As this is a digital product returns are not accepted.

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