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We are looking for the next Vanlife Conversions team member! 

Full details below.


Role: Van Converter

Job type: Full time position



About Vanlife Conversions

Vanlife Conversions Ltd is a veteran owned van conversion company based in Colchester, Essex, enabling a community to have a lifestyle of adventure and freedom.

We pride ourselves on quality, customer service and offering our clients high spec, customisable homes on wheels.

We are a friendly, motivated team, with an entrepreneurial mentality where every member’s input is recognised as important for growth and the future of the company. In just over 2 years, we have expanded our build space from a driveway to a small workshop and have now recently moved into a larger facility. We want our team to grow alongside the company and be a part of this journey with us.


About the role

We are currently looking for a full-time van converter to join our team of 5. This position is responsible for the construction, installation, finishing, quality assurance, and function test of components and equipment installed in our van conversions.

Applicant must have experience working with hand tools, power tools (track saw, table saw etc.), other shop equipment, and the ability to train on and implement new equipment. Broad mechanical and electrical knowledge, an acute attention to detail, and a positive attitude are required. Previous van conversion experience is not essential.

Personal attributes required

  • Detail-oriented – able to: make aesthetic design decisions, problem solve, think through a process and likely problems prior to execution

  • Self-starter – take initiative in progressive steps on each project, self-directed

  • Maintain a safe, clean, and tidy work space

  • Project a friendly, kind, and positive attitude

  • Must be able to follow directions, work as a team, and as an individual

  • Must be polite and professional towards customers

  • Must possess mechanical aptitude

  • Take pride in work completed

  • Ask questions rather than make assumptions

Skills and Knowledge required

  • Knowledge and experience in carpentry is essential. Knowledge and experience in mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems is desirable

  • Experience in power tool operation (drills, saws, etc....)

  • Ability to learn quickly

  • Ability to communicate effectively

  • Willingness to learn and complete tasks correctly

Main duties and responsibilities of the role

(Experience in most of the below is desirable but not essential)

  • Meet schedule deadlines

  • Perform detail cleaning of the exterior of vehicles including washing, windows, tires, wheels, etc.

  • Perform detail cleaning of interior of vehicles including kitchen unit, wall cabinets, stove, sink, garage, passenger areas and all other interior compartments

  • Cut and install insulation & sound deadening

  • Fabricate components from scratch materials such as making and installing walls, doors and carcasses, drawers and cupboard fronts

  • Building and constructing carpentry aspects to a high standard

  • Perform finishing aspects such as painting, staining, oiling, tiling, angle edging and use of silicone

  • Test systems in vehicle and verify proper operation

  • Workshop cleaning

  • Additional workshop duties as directed

  • Knowledge of general construction practices

  • Experience safely operating hand tools and power tools (table saw, circular saw,  chop saw, pneumatic nail gun, sanders, jig saw, spray adhesive, and other general shop tools)

  • A basic understanding of computers

  • Read and understand production documentation: drawings, installation instructions, etc.

  • Prior planning and use of layout tools


  • Install, diagnose, and repair mechanical components including appliances, roof fans, windows, solar panels and heaters

  • Install roof racks, light bars, ladders, awnings etc.


  • Install 12volt and 240volt systems including lights, sockets and appliances

  • Install solar arrays and charging systems


  • Install water plumbing system including water pump, hot water boiler, faucets, sink drains, plumbing and fittings, water tanks, drains and all other plumbing components​

Job details:

  • Work Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm

  • A paid trial day or two will be required before hiring

  • The hirer will be on a self employed contract for the first 2 months with the view to add them onto payroll after this time along with other company benefits


  • Competitive pay based on experience approx £90-£120/day

  • Long term prospects if it all works out well

  • Training and qualifications will be provided on specialist aspects

  • Tools will be provided

  • Free on-site parking

  • Office dog 

  • Singing while working allowed

Workshop Location:

  • Colchester Essex

For consideration please send CV, cover letter, and photos of relevant projects/builds to: with the subject title as 'Job position - Van Converter'

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